Pyjama Dialogue

Singer-Songwriters Steve Marshall and Joby Fox come together to present an evening of song and observation. For more than thirty years these two have been staying true to themselves and the music. In Pyjama Dialogue they put their troubles to bed and make a case for peace and love.

Steve Marshall

From a young age, English singer-songwriter Steve Marshall worked with artists from around the world, including US drummer Clifford Jarvis, original Jazz Warriors Alan Weekes and Kenrick Rowe, and Nigerian master drummer Jimmy Scott (Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames).


For the record, Steve’s accolades include producing three albums with legendary Lee “Scratch” Perry, (two of which received Grammy nominations), and recording new original material with Rolling Stone Keith Richards and Godfather of Funk, George Clinton.

His scores for international dance theatre, including State Of Emergency’s South African collaborations Desert Crossings and Where Is Home? have achieved critical acclaim. Steve Marshall has produced legends. Now it’s time for his own songs - a different take on classic themes. 

”...voices like his deserve the respect, because the music is so uplifting and full of the whole range of ingredients.” Bob Jones, Blues & Soul Magazine


"...excitingly layered, infectious music - Desert Crossings remains a sensory pleasure." Donald Hutera, The London Times

Joby Fox

Joby Fox is a native of Belfast, Northern Ireland and a songwriter, script writer, composer and performer. Joby Fox is known as an authentic voice of post-conflict Ireland, but he is also a humanitarian activist, and has immersed himself in the refugee crisis in Greece.


Joby has a long history in music from the Punk era to UK chart topping with his Celtic rock bank Energy Orchard, to his solo career as a crafty writer and performer. His End of the War music and film show opened the inaugural UN Peace Festival in Hong Kong in 2014.


Although love is the drive, there is much more to Joby's songwriting than love songs. His often hard hitting and honest words have paved the way for difficult conversations, challenged our identities and ideologies. A diverse artist with his roots firmly in Irish soil he has been involved in great international initiatives as an advocate for peace, and in 2016 he was musical director of the Orchestre des Refugies et Amis.


“An underground Belfast figure for 30 years, Fox’s early Bankrobbers and Energy Orchard tunes shone. Those writing skills have advanced on this long-brewing solo debut – a deftly arranged, richly rewarding look at his hometown after the conflict.” Gavin Martin, The Daily Mirror

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