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The musicians: Rainford Hugh Perry (vocals, drum programming, synth and percussion), Keith Richards (guitar, bass, piano, bass drum and mallet), Reuben ‘Sleepy’ White (drums & percussion), Erica Iji (vocals), Tim Hill (saxophones), George Clinton (vocals), Kenrick Rowe (drums and percussion), Alan Weekes (guitar), Mikele Montolli (bass), Michael ‘Bammi’ Rose (flute and tenor saxophone), Saleem Raman (drums and percussion), Sheridan Tandy (temple bells), Mark Mason (bagpipes), Tony Green (guitar), Rodger Griffiths (bass), Nick Gilmore (keys), Ratshepe Makhene (bass, congas and vocals), Ying Xiu (violin), David Klassen (drums and percussion), Wouter Kellerman (flute), Joby Fox (vocals), Geo (vocals), Yusuf Ahmed (drums and percussion), Pierre De Beauport (Keith Richard's guitar technician), Anthony St Helene (drums), Brian Patten (bass), Robert Jarvis (trombone), Stuart Henderson (trumpet and flugel horn); and the sound engineers: John Saxon, Peter Maydew, John Palmer, Matthew Gardner, John Dent, Loz Gill, Mark Tucker, Jonjo Keefe, Kenny Foster.

COPYRIGHT NOTICE. All tracks are owned by State of Emergency Limited and unauthorised uses are prohibited according to international copyright law. For all enquiries please CONTACT

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